Firstly, body worn cameras offer a variety of protection, detection and prevention solutions. Diving into a world of various sectors we have shared reasons why bodycams are growing in importance throughout the UK.

NHS and Independent Healthcare Organisations

Unfortunately, NHS and private hospital staff have to deal with difficult situations on a daily basis. Typically, this can range from mild verbal aggression from concerned relatives through to high risk situations within secure units and mental health wards.

Using body worn cameras has a positive effect on the behavior of both staff and patients who moderate their behavior for the better when cameras are in use. Not only that, this is being extended beyond security personnel alone, with the full potential to reduce aggressive behavior in hospitals only recently being tapped into. These measures protect the staff, but they also help to improve patient care too.

Following any major incidents, those wearing a body camera are able to provide accurate and true evidence to the police. Videos are taken in high quality and allow play back, which can significantly reduce the length of the investigations and speed up the whole process.

When used at their best, body cams are a highly effective tool that can be used in conjunction with a whole host of best practice techniques to improve patient care.

Emergency Services

Police are ramping up their investment in body worn cameras throughout the country with South Yorkshire Police investing £1.2m on the technology as recently as May this year.

Knife crime is becoming increasingly prevalent and conviction rates can be increased through the evidence provided by high quality pictures and clear audio. By wearing a body cam, this can easily be achieved.

Police have been able to directly contribute to a reduction in the use of tasers as body worn cameras act as a deterrent and a de-escalation tool. Meanwhile cameras have a significant reduction on police complaints, up to 93% in one study online.


Safety and security within prisons has definitely been a hot topic and has been for some time! Recruitment and staffing numbers are currently under threat and the use of this technology is an aid rather than a complete solution to an large ongoing problem.

Body worn cameras can act as a visible deterrent against violence and the crucial evidence caught on these cameras can help with riot control and the safety of staff members.

What Body Worn Cameras do Comms Spec recommend?

We have a range of Hytera body cameras, most of the models come with a combined microphone and video to maximise on high quality images along with a clear audio. Night vision features are also available.


A rugged, lightweight camera with impressive video and image capture capabilities. It utilises its size extremely well, with a small OLED screen on top of the unit, responsive PTT on the side and two programmable buttons on the front panel.

Hytera VM550
Hytera VM550D


Thanks to its infrared camera, the VM550D can capture footage in low-light conditions from a range of up to 10 meters. It also has a built-in backup battery which can power the device for up to 5 minutes if the standard battery is removed during operation.


With its 180 degree rotatable lens unit, 140 degree wide-angle camera and intuitive display, the VM685 is an incredibly flexible bodycam solution. It’s also completely secure – viewing evidence on the screen is password protected, and videos can be encrypted with H.264 encoding.

Hytera VM685
Hytera VM780


The VM780 is the most advanced bodycam on the market due to its incredible power and functionality. This device is equipped with 3G/4G connectivity, NFC, GPS and PoC application capability, and navigation around the UI is easy thanks to its 2.8″ touch screen.

In addition to body cameras, we can provide your business with a full radio communications. From two-way radios to push-to-talk mobile apps! No matter what your requirements are, Comms Spec can gladly be of assistance.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, so rest assured you are in safe hands!

If you have a requirement for body worn cameras or two way radios, please give us a call on +44(0) 333 000 7888 or send us an email to [email protected]