Radio Licensing

Professional radios require a license to operate, what license you need is all relative to your situation and location. There are many forms of license and we understand that this can be confusing which is why we are here to help.

We believe it is our duty to make sure all our customer are equipped with the correct license or license information. Armed with this, it allows them to use their radios legally and to the fullest of their ability.

If you don’t want the hassle of applying for or maintain your license we can provide a license monitoring service when you purchase radios from us. In this service we do all the paperwork and payments for the license on your behalf and monitor any activity from Ofcom, this means there is no chance of you missing a renewal or anything significant to your radio system which would result in illegal communication.

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Radio LicensingWhy Is Radio Licensing Required?

Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the UK has made it mandatory for anyone operating certain RF (Radio Frequency) emitting equipment (Radios) to apply for a license. The emissions from radios can interfere with other radios and a wide range of other electronic systems.  Ofcom must manage the radio spectrum to ensure no users are using the same frequency and that places with sensitive equipment such as hospitals are safe from stray emissions.

Due to the increased use of RF emitting devices such as mobile phones, wifi services, more and more radio users, drones and other radio controlled devices, the radio spectrum is a very busy and volatile management problem.  With this in mind, some understanding should be given as to the reason why the licensing process is so detailed, complicated and time-consuming.

There are two-way radios on the market that utilise a free, unlicensed part of the radio spectrum but these are subject to huge restrictions in power, antenna type, frequency and are much more suited to the toy market and family walki talki radios for keeping in touch at a theme park or in other non-mission critical situations. To get the results a business needs from a radio, equipment that requires a license is essential and we are here to help you with that.

Making The Process Of Radio Licensing Simpler And Hassle-Free

At Communications Specialist Ltd, we have extensive experience in dealing with Ofcom and over the years have built up a routine where we get good, prompt service enabling us to meet deadlines and give customer satisfaction.

In many cases, there is no need for you to be involved in the licensing process at all, for example, if you just needed radios for an event that lasted the weekend or even several weeks, we would hire these to you on our existing licenced frequencies. You simply pay the invoice and uses the radios without any fuss.

Should you want to purchase your own radios, included as part of the Service Contract, we can manage your licence for you.  This will include the entire application process and keeping on top of changes of legislation so you can never get caught out with a change in the law that could cause you to be operating illegally. We would also ensure that your license never lapses and you remain fully legal at all times.

If you want more control over your licensing we can assist as little or as much as you like such as checking your forms before submitting or just giving you some advice about the process over the phone.

Knowing The Right Kind Of Radio Licensing

Licenses of different types are required for running sales and hire of radio equipment. For simple user licenses like for the event or hospitality sector, we have the right format for applying and obtaining the type of license.

There is also a simple business radio supplier’s license suitable for companies selling or hiring for short term. Such radio licensing is also quite easy to obtain. Radio frequencies to operate the radios are also quite limited for your company’s use.

It is also applicable for the geographic limits within which the validity of radio license exists. Such information on radio licensing is a must. At Communications Specialist Ltd we are aware of these to help in your communication solutions.