Event Radio Hire

Event Radio Hire – As with everything organised communication is key. Connecting people with people, sites with sites, vehicle to vehicle and all combined is what makes the difference between a well organised and successful event with a train wreck.OVO Energy Tour of Britain 2017 Radio Event Communications
We have everything here to make it happen, to make sure everything runs smoothly and as expected on the day, the week, the month or as long as required. Being the official radio supplier for the Tour of Britain cycle event (both women’s and men’s) for the past 10 years (and counting) is a testament to our ability.
We know what it takes to be in the heat of it, we know what it takes to think fast and overcome obstacles on the spot but we also know what it takes to create a system that runs its self without little maintenance for the duration of the event. It’s all about listening to what the customer needs. If you need an integrated system with extended range and advanced programming then we are here to provide, however, if you need a simple out of the box here for a small scale event were here for that too. Get in touch, we can’t wait to hear what you have for us!OVO Energy Tour of Britain 2017 Radio Event Communications
You might assume that cellphones are sufficient to keep contact with the guards and security people around an event. But, when you discuss your events with us at Communications Specialist Ltd, we can show what is best for you. It is true that you know about the business you are running. As in-charge or manager of an event, you know the best to organise it. But, when security concerns and crowd management is considered, we are the best providers of radio communication. The best feature of using the radio systems from Communications Specialist is the reliability. For your event and hospitality services, reliability is very important. This is something that is searched by your guests and customers. We provide this to your customers on your behalf. Hence try our event radio hire services in event management, winter sporting events and for running your hospitality business.

Event Radio HireBest For Security Personnel and Event Managers

There will be a scattering of people in any event. Using the radio system to communicate with the security personnel will prove to be highly efficient. This allows your staff to be in constant touch with each other. This further translates to regular information sharing. The radio communication sets by Communications Specialist are built for transmitting uninterrupted signals. As a consequence, your event will be under watchful eyes and ears throughout. This is a great advantage for small and large events. The number of radios can be hired for larger events. Smaller events can is manageable with few sets of radios. Accordingly, we will provide the number of radios as per requirement. Proper discussions will help in such an assessment. Our experts can guide you with the necessary numbers as actually required.

Instrumental In Cost Cutting

Managing events with the help of two way radios hired from us will help you in cutting costs. Arguably, this is an important consideration. By and large, this is achieved in a number of ways. The spread of the area in which event is organised is big or small. With our radios, your personnel will be able to cover the entire area. It is no more need to have cellular phones. The network may be interrupted in the cellular phones. Furthermore, our radios are good enough in blind areas without cellular signals. In conclusion, our radios work anywhere your event is organised.

Managing Winter Sporting Events

For winter sports like events, radio control is a must. Our radios are also great for winter weather. People can carry these radios to different corners and remain in touch with the control room. It is best for your winter sports event to control the crowd at different points, starting from entering the visitors to their seating. At different points too, we can also check for signals to ensure that the communication is hassle-free. Above all, these radios work fine in the icy and chilling environment.

Catering To Guests In Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry has the best utility of our two way radio handsets. These can help the guests in every step, starting from their checking into the arrangement of their rooms. Such handsets are great for the hotel staff and personnel, who can give your customers the best services. With our services in hand, we assure to make your services the best in the business.