Security Radios

What makes for a successful team? Teamwork. What makes teamwork the most efficient it can be? Communication. The better your crew is

OVO Energy Tour of Britain 2017 Event Radio Communicationscommunicating and interacting with each other the more effective they can be and we have exactly what you need to achieve clear, secure and discreet comms. Straight from our shelf, we have a wide range of radios with the latest digital encryption technology to make sure you, and only you, are being heard.

Additional to this we can provide a number of covert audio accessories to suit the job at hand covering all levels of

security from low risk to professional. Our experience ranges from the street to royalty so you can trust us when it comes to discretion and all the etiquettes that come with operating in the professional protection field. We are fast to react and always strive to provide the best service we can at all hours, no matter if it’s high-level security, last minute close protection gigs, large scale event security or venue security give us a call!

Are you in search of good quality radios for business needs or security profiles? People can use radios for security purposes in shops, malls, and by field workers and the common man. If you are seeking to have radio communication system established in your business profile, check out the range of options. We have a variety of such products. Also, you can find the features that these radios would be providing.

Security RadiosCheck Our Range Of Products & Services

In our portal at Communications Specialist Ltd, we have detailed review of the varieties of security two way radio for your personnel. There are many uses of such gadgets. It would be best to find out the suitability of the radios in the given proposition. This is done by our engineers by going out into the site and testing audibility of these gadgets. We put these radios in your hands for seamless activities for the event only after making a thorough check.

Varied Plans For Radio Hire & Purchase 

Our clients can hire radios for a single day or more than a day. Even some of our clients have demanded to use these for long period. We also provide supplies of radios for communication between security personnel. Companies can even purchase these products from our online portals or stores.

Best In After-Sales Services

After the purchase of our radio products, we also provide the after-sales support for different issues that you may face. Clients can seek online support or engineers can arrive at your offices and business address. We provide for carrying out repairs and replacements for products purchased through our portal.

Certified And Approved By The Proper Authorities

All products, at Communications Specialist Ltd, are properly checked by certifying agencies. This rates the products to be the best in the business. We have obtained permissions for different frequencies for the matching of the radios. In the process of assembling these units, we strictly follow the rules of radiofrequency as per the local governance. This ensures that you need to be free from worries of interference by local police authorities on purchase of our security two way radio.

Get Your Dedicated Frequency For The Radio Communication

In the security two way radios, frequencies are differently configured. Also, radio has some dedicated buttons. You can use these for making distress calls or during emergency situations. Since we provide dedicated range of frequency for your company, there is no interference in making two-way communication. These radios are also quite suitable for business management issues in retail and mall stores.

If you are seeking complete solutions in security radios, we are the company to go to. This is done to put the best products in the hands of your personnel. We have the best products in the given category. We provide quality products along with proper services for products purchased by your organization.