Codan Training

Codan Training – With more than 25 years in the telecommunications industry, Communications Specialist Ltd has extensive experience providing communication solutions from the leading manufacturers such as Codan. As the market leader, Codan pushes the envelope with Digital HF Radio Communications, giving you the edge when operating in remote areas and maximising your operational effectiveness.Codan Training in Africa

Smooth and seamless command and control not only increase business performance but also improves the safety of your workforce and the people you work with.

Our experienced engineers can implement your Codan radio system leaving you with a fully operational HF communications network. However, it is also essential for your personnel to learn the use of such systems in order to maintain and maximise its performance. This is where Codan training becomes essential.

Codan TrainingWhy Codan Training Is Essential

Codan radio systems are at the leading edge of technological innovation and despite them being very user-friendly for an end user operator, a deep knowledge of the network makeup including mechanical knowledge, computer literacy, electronic and radio theory is required for System Administrators to successfully maintain the network and systems.

Saving Time, Money And Improve Operational Effectiveness

By taking advantage of our training packages your business will benefit in multiple ways. At the Operator level, information will be passed much more efficiently, saving time and delays between important questions and decisions between the people in the field and HQ.

People in need can be helped sooner, teams can be coordinated more efficiently and deadlines can be met ensuring your customers are pleased with your service, encouraging them to return to you time and time again.At the System Administrator level, many gains are made with in-depth training enabling them to fault find problems quickly and easily before having to contact our support engineers.

In addition, when you need to expand your network, due to the training you have received, you will be able to simply receive the equipment from us and set it up without the need of the extra costs involved with one of our engineers travelling to install the new equipment.

What Can You Learn With Codan Training?

With training packages tailored to your exact operational requirements, we can ensure that your personnel learn exactly what they need to know in order to achieve their maximum potential.  Basic operator training which can take between 4 and 7 days, includes the use of the radio’s user interface, basic radio theory enabling them to make better choices for channel selection and voice procedure for customers who have busy voice networks that must run as smoothly as possible.

More complex systems may have interfaces and accessories that require a higher level of aptitude in information technology, these could require longer training periods if the students are not experienced with similar computer-based systems.

For more advanced users and System Administrators, our courses cover in-depth training on base and vehicle installation, hazardous site – electrical and RF (Radio Frequency) safety, RF propagation, IP networking, radio programming using a computer and via the handset, integration of other Codan optional accessories/equipment, fault finding procedures and many more subjects depending on your requirements. Depending on the exact requirements of the course, these normally last between 7 and 14 days but can last longer if required.

What Benefits Are Acquired By Your Personnel?

Well trained personnel in all industries are able to work with confidence, more efficiently and with less supervision.  This leads to a happier workforce and management which ultimately leads to better retention, higher productivity and a more positive appearance for your customers.

You will find that following a training course from Communications Specialist Ltd, your workforce will grow a thirst for knowledge and passion to work harder, not only in the field we train but also in their other non-communications based endeavours at work.

For more information about how we can help you with Codan training, please go to our Contact page and use whichever means of communication you prefer.