Radio Products

At Communications Specialist Ltd, we are proud that we have an extensive range of radio products available for our customers. We work closely with our suppliers to make sure we can supply you with what you need. If we have what you are looking for, then let us know and we will do our absolute best to get it for you. It is important that the products we offer meet our level quality or what we know our customers will be happy with, if not it doesn’t make it to you!

Need advice on what to buy or need more information? Give us a call, our staff is here to guide you in the right direction.

Radio Products

High-Calibre Two-Way Communication Service

Our very own communication solutions are now empowering our clients by being able to save lives with reliable and affordable communication service. Make everything connected to your entire operation safely with our state-of-the-art digital two-way radios.

Speed up productivity by using our next generation radios with the sole purpose of enhancing and unifying communications.

Our communication solutions offer a detailed and specialized from one end to the other for every user in the Police, in NGOs, Army, and even within the government.

Two-Way Radios

Our engineers crafted our radio technology with the goal of keeping you in touch with your team and count on them no matter where they are – in the office or on the site- in mind. Our wide array of radios gives you the advantage of being able to communicate with them without mobile charges and the like. These cost-efficient radios make communication quicker and more efficient.

Mobility of the Radios

Here at Communications Specialist Limited, we value the importance of innovation and quality. That is why we built our professional digital radios with rich features. We also guarantee that choosing our radios is a great investment for your business since our mobile terminals are suitable for any business needs. Digital mobile radios are popular as the kind of technology that brings data, voice, and an array of different applications and features together.

Our Repeater Stations

Your team may use repeater stations to set the margin of difference when it comes to the range of professional digital radios. Actually, Communications Specialist repeater station products are great for you to be able to have portable means of communication that will eliminate geographical problems to ensure a smooth radio communication flow.


A variety of manpacks that are of military grade specially designed for tactical apps to stand even the toughest conditions of the environment, making it a great field deployable instrument for communication with full reliability. Aside from that, every manpack is crafted in high quality and is perfect for extended operations in the field. Accessories are also available for purchase which includes antennas, carrying systems, and smart batteries.

High-Frequency Radios

Having high-frequency communications would be beneficial for any operation need. Why? Simple. It creates a complete and dependable communications network that is non-satellite based. This network can work in rural or remote areas where there is no other infrastructure. In addition to that, everything is equipped with tactical HF solutions.

Naturally Safe

Some threats like that of a combustible dust, a gas that may explode, vapour or mists present in an oil rig, and even an open mine may be in contact with your team daily. Hence, what you need is a hundred percent safe and dependable communication medium in these hazardous environments. All types of equipment that operates electrically should pass the Factory Manual (FM) and ATEX standards. Of course, having our two-way digital radios will give you the assurance that these radios pass these standards.

Asia Pacific

This type of radios is specially designed to abide by the regulations when it comes to licensing. This is only applicable to the Asia Pacific area. Therefore, it is only right that they utilize radios that the said region has authorized for use.

Land Mobile Radios

Aside from that, we also offer land mobile radios. These are radios that operate wirelessly. Those who use this are those who are always on vehicles or those who really set their foot on the ground. Moreover, our long-range land mobile radios are perfect for missions that require clear voice communications. Stay in communication with your team whenever a calamity or disaster arises with our reliable land mobile radios.

Unlicensed Radio Products

One of our unlicensed radios is the PMR 446. This is a transportable, short-range, voice radio which provides a primary but efficient communication service. In addition to that, it is also suitable for those who run a business or not. This is best used in communicating over a short distance. This type of device does not require a license so long as it complies with the safety requirements.