Construction Radios

Construction Radios – If there is one place where communication couldn’t be more vital it would be on the construction site. We are more than familiar with what is required in this field due to our long list of customers in the professional construction business.

Without communication efficiency and safety are severely restricted and often sites can come to a standstill without it. You need radios that are reliable, durable and easy to use and we have exactly what you need at our disposal.

Not only is the communication important but also a service you can rely on when you need them. Large Scale construction? We have what you need. Dangerous working environment? Look no further. Last minute crane lift required and no radios on site? Call us we are there, even the same day if required!

Construction Radios

Why Do Construction Sites Need Reliable Professional Radio Hire?

Everyone knows that lightweight radios do not really stand the handling usage in such environment and is definitely not designed for construction sites. With over 2 decades of developing durable two-way radio, we are able to develop a durable, water and dustproof two-way radios which will surely withstand different conditions.

Our Knowledge and Expertise

Due to our exceptional product and customer service, many of our customers enjoy our radios’ performance since what we are offering are state-of-the-art radios. We take quality seriously and we are far commended by our clients in the construction industry. We have radio models that can hold off dust and water and can even drop and bounce on the floor and can endure the tough environment of any construction site. Some models also have a “Lone Worker” feature and Emergency Buttons.

Personally, we suggest the 4-watt radio model in construction sites because it has a repeater capability which is perfect for a huge construction site for there may be times that something must be repeated especially in some locations with poor signal.

24/7 Site Support

We value your experience with our radios that is why we are able to provide 24/7 support while you’re using the radio onsite. Our team of engineers is experts in operating the radio and can be there for training. You can also request them to stay for the whole time that you’re using the radios if you want. They can give you some instructions on how to operate it and let you know about the radios’ special features. Also, they can offer overall support and perform troubleshoot if any problem arises.


Some construction sites expose the workers to different risks. So, we are giving you the option of having radios that are overloaded with features like Man Down or Lone Worker. It will give your workers the assurance of being safe. Also, we can offer radios which have GPS features for the control room to know where each member of the staff is real time.

Why Does a Mining Oil & Gas Industry Need Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

The industry of mining oil and gas requires different hazards. It is only right that they have a handy equipment that can stand high temperature, dust, moisture, and noise. This is best as most of these environments are generating flammable gases and some flying particles. Two-way professional radios are critical to these environments. This is to make sure that the flow of communication is smooth. This is also to ensure that the team is operational and responsive as quick as possible.

Safe Handsets

FM or Factory Manual and ATEX designed two-way radios are safe by nature. It can withstand a location where there is heat, spark, or flame – things that can create a potential hazard. This is extremely necessary when talking about two-way radios. Since this type of handsets contains electrical circuits, there is a possibility that it may ignite flame or spark. And knowing this industry, there may be a need for a radio in some instances.