Whether you’re managing a concert, sporting event, wedding or food festival, the number one priority is always security and safety. Because event management should never be a solo enterprise, given the size of the venue and large crowds, you need an efficient communication system. You need, therefore, a two-way radio. It will allow you to communicate with multiple individuals in different locations, handle problems you would otherwise not be aware of, call for help or back-up in dangerous situations and respond to emergencies.

What is a two-way radio?

A two-way radio is a wireless device that transmits and receives signals. It allows parties on the same radio frequency to communicate with each other. There are several types of two-way radios available that vary in style, power, and range of communication. For event management purposes, a high power radio with a range of at least eight miles might be best. Of course, it also depends on the event. A state fair may require a more powerful radio that an indoor wedding since the former is likely to be in a much larger arena.

What are the benefits?

• Speed and efficiency

You might be thinking that, with your fancy cell phone, you don’t need a two-way radio. Wrong. A cell phone, with all its bells and whistles, can be awkward for making calls. It takes time to dial the number, select the connect option and wait for an answer. You also have to worry that you don’t accidentally hang up with your ear, and never mind dropped calls. Two-way radios avoid such hassles. One push of a button and you’re instantly connected. Plus, it allows quick and easy communication with multiple parties. You don’t have to dial multiple numbers and conference people in, as you would with a cell phone.

• Organization

A large event can get chaotic. You have to make sure everything is in place and under control. There must be coordination between the event management crew. At a food festival, for example, if a vendor is missing condiments, bread or other food items, a two-way radio will allow you to reach someone who can have the items brought directly to the vendor. Neither you nor the vendor will have to leave your post to run back and forth.

• Safety and security

With the help of a two-way radio, you can instantly alert someone to suspicious activity and handle situations before they get out of hand. If a suspicious individual is heading to an area, you can alert event management staff at that location to keep an eye out for that person. This way you’re not chasing anyone and creating panic.

• Fast emergency response

A two-way radio can immediately put you in touch with someone in case of an emergency. If someone has an allergic reaction, faints or otherwise needs assistance, help is just one push of a button away.

In sum, a two-way radio is an essential tool when planning and managing an event. It saves time and increases productivity among other benefits.

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