Codan Radio Communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium communications equipment for High Frequency (HF) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) applications. They’ve built their reputation for reliability over 50 years in radio communications, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet!

Land Mobile Radio communications have been supplied to meet the needs of the following customers:
National Parks

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Repeater System

Codan Land Mobile Radio Repeater System

Basic Repeater System
Repeaters can be used to overcome geographical featires that obstruct radio communications or to extend coverage to communicate over greater distances. This increases the ability of portable and mobile radio users to communicate with each other or back to the base station. Codan repeaters are available in analog or P25 digital configurations. In analog mode, the repeater can be configured for either wideband or narrowband operation. CTSS or DCS ope

ration, as well as selectable de-and pre-emphasis or flat audio can be set in the receiver and transmitter modules. P25 repeaters can operate in analog, P25 digital or moxed mode. (Mixed mode means retransmitting whatever mode is received). In P25 digital mode, the repeater will pass all clear and secure (encrypted) P25 digital information. NAC codes can be programmed into the receiver and transmitter modules or the system can be programmed to repeat any incoming signals with the NAC intact.

30 Watt VHF Basic Repeater System

30 Watt VHF Basic Repeater System

Public Switch Telephone Network Interconnect
For applications requiring an interface between a microwave radio backbone and a LMR system, E&M interfaces can be used to connect the two systems. This connection allows remote communications between radios, beyond the normal coverage area of the individual radio systems via the microwave radio backbone.


  • Alexander I.E Omawole says:

    I am looking for a system that can be used as an information service center for road users in Nigeria that will work in all towns and city’s without any interference or black sports while on the road in nigeria and the mobile stations should be able to communicate with the main information center

    • CommSpec says:

      Dear Mr Imawole,

      Thanks for contacting Communication Specialists, via our blog portal.

      Would you mind if I passed your details to a member of our sales team so they may deal with your requirements?

      What is the end Destination, Nigeria?

      Kind Regards

      Simone Icough

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