Managing a large event brings potential dangers and risks, which was witnessed at the Love Parade, Germany in 2010 and again at Pukkelpop, Belgium in 2011, no one suspects that a fun day out could present a major risk to life and health but history does prove otherwise. Public events of this size which are accessible to a crowd of people and could be likely to present risks to public order, public safety, public health or the environment require the authorities or event organisers to take measures to ensure the risk of life, safety and environment are as minimal as possible. Two Way Radios provide communication with the public and are an important part of crowd management and crowd control in the case of risky events.

Careful planning of communication requirements is an important part of crowd management, assess the risks involved and organise who is to be responsible. Problems may arise when large crowds gather at places with little capacity and this could endanger public order and safety, situations could get out of hand or weather conditions could suddenly change. Event organisers need to prepare their communication equipment for all eventualities, so they can control the situation or prevent escalation.

During the past few weeks, we have been concentrating on large event communications, in order to help the team and one of our clients we ran a demo in our office to offer a practical and working solution to provide adequate and reliable communications. During this training and demo, we proposed a Motorola trunked Capacity PLUS system and dispatcher console TRBOnet PLUS to run on 1 or more computers.

Our presentation was very successful and our client requested to see some features which allow them to easily respond to crowd control issues or emergencies which could happen during any event, no matter how large or small

For this particular case, we have listed below the necessary items which we proposed to our client.

To support over 230 radio users
Covert operation kits
Radio GPS location on the map
Custom graphical elements on the existing maps like First Aid point, Police, Water, fences etc…
Geofencing – automated actions like alarms and messages generated if devices enter or leave the area, etc..
Voice or Text broadcasts to all or selected groups of users using pre-recorded voice messages or text
Calls interrupt, including private calls and group calls
Emergency calls with incident location
The complete log of all dispatchers and radio users activities, including timestamp, all voice, text, and locations
System health monitoring

If you need help with event management communications or crowd management we can also provide a system which works for you, we can train you in our UK offices or send a team to train on site. All our communication systems are digital and offer all the latest technology you would expect from your two way radio set up.

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