We are Communications Specialist Ltd; you can consider us as your trusted two-way radio experts! We are open and ready to serve all organisations looking to maximize their efficiency and improve their communication.

Many organisations have their main focus on efficiency, productivity and secure operations. Using two-way radios provides your team with real-time communications which enables a more efficient and safe working environment.

Two-Way Radios provide a reliable experience regardless of the industry your business operates in. For example, in healthcare, patients and visitors require a fast response from health care workers. Medical staff, security staff and other support staff can also use two- way radios as an efficient way to communicate within their departments whilst abiding by the recommended social distancing guidelines.

With one of our heavy-duty two-way radios, emergency incidents on building sites can be effectively responded to in a flash. If workers are able to communicate, they will have the correct information, limiting the possibilities of worst-case scenarios. There is no denying that two-way radios are critical for a safe and secure environment, considering the increased level of screening being conducted at all hospitals.

If you happen to work in a supermarket, garden centre or warehouse, our featured Vocovo product range is the perfect solution. Our Vocovo range has enabled some of the largest supermarket chains in the UK to improve their customer experience, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The Vocovo wireless headsets feature crystal clear audio – so no more crackly lines or half-heard conversations! They can integrate with telephony and even connect with your phone system so that you never miss a call! They also last longer… you can get an impressive 48 hours of use from a single charge!

With Vocovo’s CallPoints, you can empower customers to request help when and where they need it with this wireless calling system. This has proven incredibly useful on shop floors and garden centres. You can even set pre-recorded messages to tell staff where customers are calling from!

Here’s some of the key benefits you can expect with from our Vocovo range:

  • Increase speed of service and anticipate customer needs
  • Empower your customers and create customers for life
  • Clearer communications
  • Less charging, more usage
  • Integrates with telephone systems
  • Highly scalable
  • Rapid ROI

If your business operates in the retail/supermarket space, here is an example of how a Vocovo solution could help you:

  • Headset system to enable effective colleague communication, multi-tasking and easy in-store visibility system drove business efficiency, designed for discount retail model.
  • Functions enable colleagues to move between different sections of the store, from warehouse to checkout, enabling different operating model with fewer colleagues working.
  • ‘Call forward’ system that enables people to open and close checkouts within a headset, quickly pressing a button on the headset, checkout turns green and triggers automated announcement over the tannoy.

Choosing the right solution and product for your businesses needs is essential. Choosing the wrong tool for the job can end in a disaster (and no one wants that)! We’ve written a useful blog that guides you through the process of choosing the right solution for your business. You can find this blog here.

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