At Communication Specialists we offer comprehensive training based around Codan products, below is an introduction to Codan and their products, we will also publish the training course we offer for Codan Radio.

Codan – The Company & Business – Operations & Products

  • Australian company founded in 1959
  • Serving glocal markets for communications and broadcast products
  • Listed in November 2003
  • Exports in excess of 90% of revenue, to over 150 countries
  • Over 450 staff and 500 customers worldwide

Codan is a “standard products” business and not an “engineering projects” business


  • Design, manufacture and market our own core products
  • Design and manufacturing in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne
  • Sales, Representation and Customer Services Offices in Australia, UK, USA, China and India
  • Distributors, dealers, agents and service centres worldwide
  • Head office, finance, HR and commercial in Adelaide


  • HF Radio
  • Satellite Communications
  • Digital Microwave Radio
  • Television broadcasting (Codan Broadcast)
  • Printed circuit boards (IMP Printed Circuits)


  • 50 to 100 HF Radios per day
  • 10 to 20 Setellite Communication product units per day
  • Digital microwave radio volumes growing
  • Different models and variants
  • Associated accessories
Codan HF Radio

Image of the HF Radio and how it works

Niche products for international niche markets

Products for government, businesses and organisations

Production line manufacturing of products of standard design.

Codan HF Radio

Radio transceivers, modems and accessories for land vehicle installed, base station and backpack applications.

  • HF Radio Base Stations
  • Codan Manpack HF Radio: Lightweight, Waterproof, Excellent Radio Performance
  • C and KU band Transceivers, Block Up Converters and Solid State High Power Amplifiers for satellite communications earth stations
  • Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) links for terrestrial communications including cellular telephone networks

Codan Broadcast

  • Interface Equipment
  • Signal Routers
  • Monitoring Equipment

Equipment for the management, conversion, distribution and monitoring of digital and analogue, video and audio signals in a TV broadcast studio

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