Codan radio transmission towers stand like man made markers in some of the more remote and difficult parts of the developed world. Central Australia is an example. Codan radio transceivers helped make routine and emergency communications possible in the Outback. In developing countries, its systems have formed vital networks across areas with no roads or electric power lines. A portable base unit and handheld transceivers can bring voice and GPS location into an emergency.

Towers In The Deserts
One can find Codan radio equipment and its transmission towers in remote areas like the Sahara in Morocco and across Northern Africa. High frequency radio transmissions have a far superior range to other types of radio transmissions. The radio towers extend communications ranges into a system with backups and reserve capacity. The center of communications is the base unit. They can be small and portable. They have also designed mobility into larger and more powerful base units.

Codan Manpack 2110

Codan’s 2110 manpack transceiver is the ideal solution for your portable long distance HF voice and data communications needs

An International Web
One will find portable and mobile versions of base units in international aid missions and emergencies worldwide. Codan radio products meet standards for military and public sector groups. They meet the MIL and FED specifications for interoperability. In a further refinement of the basic hardware, the company has moved to a new type of platform that uses software to hold its capabilities. The basic idea is to permit user customization of the devices and updating by internet software services.

Voice And More
Codan Radio uses HF transmission ranges to engineer reliability and security in voice communications. Its transceiver product lines include encryption and frequency skipping technology to aid in privacy and secure communication. The company has turned its focus to a broader range of communications applications. In addition to basic voice communications and GPS tracking, they feature messaging, faxing, data transmission, and electronic mail.

Modern And Expandable
Codan communications have innovative technology and a long record of reliable service. They proved effective in military and humanitarian operations. Because they are compatible with many national systems, they are a staple in the necessary tools of international aid and rescue efforts. This equipment has proven trustworthy and reliable in the most difficult conditions. It has provided critical communications in some of the most remote and least developed parts of the globe.

A Tool For Every Job
One should consider this brand for communications equipment needs. They provide HF radio equipment on any scale. Their product lines are configurable for any scale from an enterprise project to equipment for an outdoors adventure. It has global acceptance and has performed a vital function in the most demanding situations. This is excellent equipment for instant communications, anywhere.


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