The luxury yacht “Unplugged,” serving high-net-worth individuals, sought a discreet and efficient communication solution for its crew to elevate operational effectiveness and maintain utmost privacy for an exceptional guest experience. It was imperative to integrate aesthetically pleasing and non-intrusive radios resilient to maritime conditions, prioritising safety through emergency alarm functionality for swift responses to urgent situations. Comms-Spec addressed these challenges by offering the Hytera HP705 – a state-of-the-art RF radio device that operates independently, ensuring reliability in the demanding yacht-at-sea environment.

It is always a pleasure working with Comms-Spec. Every time we contact them with a
problem or a request, the team goes out of their way to find a solution. It is a huge
relief to know the person on the end of the line is going to do everything they can to
help you out.

We use the radios all day every day. With high-net-worth individuals onboard paying for the best service discretion is a high priority and with that the radios and earpiece allow us to communicate every message with minimal noise and disruption to the guests. It allows us to anticipate and prepare for any need or wish, as well as allowing the basic functions of running the boat to go infinitely more efficiently. Without the use of radios onboard it would be a much noisier and far more stressful environment


The Requirement

The “Unplugged,” a luxury yacht catering to high-net-worth individuals, required seamless and discreet communication systems for its crew. The primary objectives were to enhance operational efficiency and maintain absolute discretion to ensure an unparalleled guest experience. The radios had to be both aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive for the crew, while also capable of withstanding the rigours of a maritime environment. Safety was of paramount importance, necessitating the inclusion of emergency alarm functionality for rapid response to urgent situations for both the crew and guests on board.

The Solution

Given the challenging environment of a yacht at sea, a reliable, independent, and resilient communication system was needed. RF radio communication technology, which operates independently of networks and infrastructure, was the ideal choice. Comms-Spec provided the Hytera HP705, a cutting-edge radio device that met all of these requirements.

Hytera HP705


IP68 and MIL-STD-810G rated, making it impervious to water jets, submersible for up
to 4 hours in 2 meters of water, and resistant to drops from 2 meters. The speaker
design also prevents waterlogging, which was ideal for this high-end client.

Sleek Design

The HP705 features a smart, modern, and sleek design, lighter and thinner than the
competition, ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to wear, matching the luxury

Acoustic Tube Earpieces

Supplied with each device, this allowed users to receive transmissions directly to the
ear and communicate hands-free, maintaining a desired ambience onboard and not
disturbing the guests.

Emergency Alarm Functionality

The HP705 includes an emergency alarm button, Lone Worker, and Mandown
functionality. These features ensure a swift response in urgent situations:

Emergency Alarm: In case of fire, breach, man overboard, or medical emergencies, a
single button press activates an alarm on all radios, diverting attention to the emergency.

Lone Worker: Ideal for crew members working alone in potentially hazardous areas,
such as the engine room. It requires a user response within a preset time. Failure to
respond triggers an emergency alarm.

Mandown: This feature detects the angle of the device, triggering an emergency alarm
if the radio remains in a non-upright position for a specified duration of time.

Slow-Speed Manoeuvres

During slow-speed manoeuvres, the crew can provide real-time feedback to the captain via radio and earpiece, facilitating safe and precise operations, particularly
during tight mooring.

Exceptional Service

Comms-Spec prides itself on offering not only the optimal technological solution but
also the highest quality of service. With a client base that includes high-net-worth
individuals, 5-star estates, and high-value goods stores, the team is well-prepared to
meet the demands of the luxury yacht industry.

Our dedication extends from the conception of the solution to its delivery, ensuring
the Unplugged’s crew had the support they needed, precisely when they needed it.
This commitment also included maximising guest satisfaction.

Global Reach

One of our unique strengths at Comms-Spec is our global outreach. With access to
suppliers in Europe and Asia, we can quickly adapt to the needs of crews anchored in
international waters. Our offices in the Seychelles and Africa provide operational
strongpoints globally, facilitating the export and delivery of time-critical goods
worldwide. This global presence also enabled us to deploy service and technical
support personnel worldwide without hesitation or difficulty.

We also supply the HP785

If you like the Hytera HP705 radio, you may also enjoy the HP785 which offers a screen and keypad in conjunction with the emergency features. This allows for more precise control when alarms are triggered, including displaying who initiated the alarm for a localised response. This functionality also empowers captains to manage their crew more efficiently by making direct calls to individual team members or specific groups, such as ‘chefs’ or ‘maintenance.’ Additionally, when using multiple HP785 devices, crew members can share text messages in silence or exchange essential information that needs referencing.

With over 30 years of experience in supplying and installing two-way communication radios, we
understand the critical role they play in ensuring efficient operations and maintaining functionality.
Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients is reflected in our ability to source the
best communication radio solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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